Internal Family Systems

IFS model of therapy explores our inner system and all of its parts.  All parts are welcomed and have good intentions. It is a non-pathologizing form of therapy that explores various parts to our system: how and when they were formed, what their role is and, when they are in an extreme role, how to liberate them from this extreme role.


It is a form of therapy that restores trust in Self Leadership and establishes a secure attachment with Self to the system's parts, thus bringing balance, harmony and wholeness to the whole system.


The IFS Model helps to access intuitive wisdom, compassion, curiosity and creativity that all lie beneath the protective, defensive parts of us, so as to allow healing from an open heart, without having to relive the past!  In that process we are able to unload extreme beliefs, fears, emotions and physical problems that burden our lives.  This allows a deep personal transformation, which is led by our wisest and courageous Self.  This strength-based, natural, client-centered approach offers the opportunity to experience healing on all levels: mental, emotional and spiritual and transform our interactions with others.

The Internal Family Systems can be effective with most issues: intrapersonal (Self to part) as well as interpersonal (Self/part to others). It is effective in addressing anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, inner critic and most issues many of us struggle with. 

IFIO, Intimacy From the Inside Out, is an IFS approach to couples' therapy and allows each partner to explore their individual parts and how these parts impact their partner. Childhood wounds are healed so the couple system is more Self lead and collaborative.

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